shine brighter

We help brands and businesses design a brighter, more prosperous future. 

Building brighter brands

Brands with bright culture know who they are, what they believe, and they aren’t afraid to stand up in support of their values. They communicate confidently and have a clear Brand Standpoint.

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Bright storytellers view things through a particular lens, and paint a clear picture of the world in a way that inspires and empowers others to take part. Their Brand Worldview is clear, and compelling.

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Bright leaders know that the work of leadership is never finished. They take bold action before customers, competitors, or regulators compel them. They raise the bar through their actions, and inspire others to follow.

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Bright Side of the Brand

We can help if you are…


A brand or business that:

  • Struggles to align teams around a common, aspirational vision
  • Is undergoing a change of leadership or is preparing to launch a new product or service
  • Wants to tell a bigger story about the world and your role in it
  • Is ready to lead with your values, and communicate more clearly and confidently
An agency or consultancy that:

  • Wants to deepen your strategy bench without increasing overhead
  • Seeks a partner with deep subject-matter expertise in corporate citizenship, sustainability, and social impact
  • Could use an occasional injection of creative juice or brain power for pitches and proposals
  • Needs someone to help lead a project; or play a supporting role alongside your current team

What people are saying:

Trusted Advisor

'Tyler is one of the most trusted advisors I have had over the last 18 years, it is a pleasure to work with him and tap his exceptional strategic insight.'

- Todd Spinks
Advisor, Citizenship and Sustainability

Problem Solver

'Across a host of creative projects over several years, Tyler has been a detail-oriented project leader and innovative problem solver, a strategic and tactical consultant I trusted as much as anyone on my team.'

- Joseph Schuman
Director, Public Affairs

Sustainability Expert

'Truly understands both the sustainability landscape and communications space. He brings strategy, creativity, and integrity to his work and does so in a way that inspires those around him to do the same.'

- Sasha Calder
Director of Sustainability

We Push You

'Tyler is so much more than a strategy guru. He digs into the issues that matter to your business, understands your competitive set, and pushes you out of your comfort zone.'

- Emily York
Director, Corporate Communications